How to provide a Self Service Request to remove a SCOM Maintenance Schedule in au2mator Self Service Portal.

So your IT Stuff, Helpdesk or Managers can easily modify SCOM Maintenance Schedule, without entering the Active Directory.

In this Video and Post, we will show you how au2mator – Self Service Portal can be used to provide In formations live from your SCOM Environemnt.

au2mator Self Service Portal is providing a front-end for your Microsoft Automation.

System Center Orchestrator, SMA, Azure Automation and PowerShell Scripts can be used to be triggered by an au2mator Service.

So you can provide easy access to your System Center Operations Manager System, without any security Risk and  the possibility of a human error.

And by providing a Self Service with au2mator, you decrease the load in your IT Department, increase the Quality by Automation.

Also the User of the Self Service will be much more satisfied, cause they receive an immediate response and solution of their request.

How to build with PowerShell

This Chapter will show you, how to configure the Service with our “ready to use” PowerShell Script


Navigate to the Download Section, at the End of this Page, to get the latest PowerShell Script

Download the File into your au2mator PowerShell Directory and adjust the Variables, if needed.

Run the following SQL Query against your SCOM Database to create a Custom View named “zView_au2mator_DAList

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[zView_au2mator_DAList]
SELECT        TOP (100) PERCENT bme.DisplayName AS Name, CASE WHEN IsInMaintenanceMode = 1 THEN 'Yes' WHEN IsInMaintenanceMode <> 1 THEN 'No' ELSE 'No' END AS InMaintenance
FROM            dbo.State AS s INNER JOIN
                         dbo.BaseManagedEntity AS bme LEFT OUTER JOIN
                         dbo.MaintenanceMode AS MM ON bme.BaseManagedEntityId = MM.BaseManagedEntityId ON s.BaseManagedEntityId = bme.BaseManagedEntityId
WHERE        (s.MonitorId IN
                             (SELECT        MonitorId
                               FROM            dbo.Monitor
                               WHERE        (MonitorName = 'System.Health.EntityState')))  AND (bme.FullName LIKE 'Service_%')

Build au2mator Service

Login as admin to au2mator Self Service Portal

Navigate to Services and click New to create a new Service

Enter NameDescription, select a Service Group and choose a nice Image

Navigate to Runbooks and Select your PowerShell File, which you have downloaded and adopted.

Next navigate to Question and configure each Question

Question: c_DA

Question: Select DA

Required: true

Order: 1

Type: SQL Query

SQL Query: select Name from zView_au2mator_DAList

Question: c_Schedule

Question: Select Schedule

Required: true

Order: 2

Type: SQL Query

SQL Query: select M.ScheduleId as ID, ScheduleName as [ScheduleName], ActiveStartTime as Start, Duration, DisplayName as DA from MaintenanceModeSchedule as M inner join ScheduleEntity as S on M.ScheduleId=s.ScheduleId inner join BaseManagedEntity as B on S.BaseManagedEntityId=b.BaseManagedEntityId where displayName = {c_DA.Result}

Feel free to configure other Question or Service Options, click Save to finish the work

How to build with Orchestrator

will be available soon

How to build with Azure Automation

will be available soon


Here is a list of Downloads for this Service

PowerShell on Github:

PowerShell on TechNet: will be available soon

SCO Runbook on TechNet: will be available soon

Azure automation: will be available soon


Our Scripts on TechNet Gallery, GitHub or on this Blog are provided as is, without any Support.

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