Empowering Automation: Streamline your IT Processes with au2mator.

au2mator provides a Self Service Portal to trigger Microsoft Automation and get the most out of PowerShell, Azure Automation, and System Center Orchestrator. Delegate your Automation Tasks, evolve your IT, and increase your Quality and Reliability.

au2mator can help define and automate your IT Process.

au2mator is here to make the best out of your IT Budget and give back time to your IT Staff.

One Self-Service Portal, 3 Automation-Engines to use!

The possibilities are

au2mator Insights!

Create a Service

You will be able to present your Runbooks as a Service within 1 Minute.

Just enter a Name, Description, and choose your Runbook. There is no easier way to let your users help themselves.

If you want to spend an additional Minute, configure additional Runbooks, Approvers, Security, and customize your Questions.

Manage your Team

Easily manage your Team, get their user details, and start a Service for them.

Your team Information is life from Active Directory based on your  “managed by” Setting or based on Group Memberships or both.

You don’t need to change your Active Directory, au2mator – Self Service Portal will fit in your Active Directory.

Question Parameters

There are many options to make your Questions more user-friendly and more secure with regular expression.

Text, Date, Dropdown, Yes or No, SQL, LDAP, Powershell, and a lot more.

Approve a Request

If you configured your Service to be approved, you could easily do this with au2amtor – Self Service Portal.

You will be able to see all the essential Details on one Page. Click “Approve” or “Deny,” the choice is yours.

User Details

See your and your Team’s user details based on the Information from Active Directory.

au2mator – Self Service Portal will let you choose the Properties you want to have available.

Using au2mator brings
you amazing Results



Reduce your Domain Admins
or Application Admins by
providing Self Service Forms
and Automation.

No accident errors can happen


If you get three different answers from 3 other people on how they implement a specific Process, you need to react!


Build Self Service Forms to delegate routine tasks to your End User or Help desk Team.

No IT Admin needs to reset User Passwords or create new Users.


Do not pay for people, doing daily routine tasks on your business.

Use them to take your IT to the next level and increase the Quality


When a User is solving a Request in a short time, they are happy and more reliable


Nothing is more boring than doing the same task every day, so automate and Self Service your IT

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Why do you need a Self Service Portal


We are feeling proud to have known Customers

JYSK Customer Reference for au2mator

au2mator helps JYSK practice infrastructure as code & DevOps principles. The product has an easy learning curve & is easy to implement, making it very fast to achieve success and harvest all the benefits the product brings. Companies should have a look at au2mator if they are on the market looking for a self-service frontend for their automation code.

Morten Johansen, JYSK
Greiwing Customer Reference for au2mator


The au2mator Consulting Team created the Process and automation for automatic User On/Offboarding (Joiner / Mover) and the IT Team of GREIWING logistics for you GmbH. The next steps are to manage the Office 365 Permissions and future Services.


We are using the au2mator – Self Service Portal to manage around 80.000 User within our B2B Environment.

Now, our Locations Admin can manage the Distributor in their country, without an access to our Active Directory.

Services like “New User”, “Add User to Group”, “Reset Password” and many more are triggered more than 100 times per day, from all over the World, within the au2mator – Self Service Portal.


Our Platinum Partner BaseIT have implemented au2mator Self Service Portal with PowerShell at Pappas Gruppe

Hans Unteregger, Pappas Gruppe


Our Platinum Partner BaseIT have implemented au2mator Self Service Portal with System Center Orchestrator at Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH

Pamela Fairbanks, United Natural Foods, Inc

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