We woukd like to present you a new SCOOSP Solution to provide a Self Service Pasword Reset to your End Users

Let us start and take a look at this awsome solution.

First, we have created our Runbooks, in our example we are using 3 of them.

Send SMS Runbook

The first Runbook will send all our Text Messages and is configured with two Initialize Data Properties, MessageText and RecipientPhoneNumbers.

A Powershell Activity is doing the API call to Twilio and will send the SMS




Info, Get SMS Passcode Runbook

The second Runbook will be used to generate a Passcode and send this to the End Users mobilephone.

The PowerShell Activity is generating a Random Passcode, this will be stored to a SQL Database with a Timestamp.

If the User has no mobilephone Number configured in his Active Directory Object, a Message will be sent to SCOOSP.




Set Password Runbook

The last Runbook will set the Password if the User entered a correct Passcode.

Format Date, will calculate the actual Date Time minus 5 Minutes, the Query Passcode Activity will query our SQL DB for the entered Passcode and the correct Timestamp.

If Time, Passcode and User is correct, the new Password will be set, otherwhise, the End User will receive a different SMS.




Configure SCOOSP

Now let us configure the SCOOSP Request.

Navigate to your Services and create a Service like this.



Lets try our new Service

Now log in as an End User and try to reset your Password.

Navigate to “Start a Request” and select a User. So you will be able to reset your Password, or start this Request for a Team Member, but the SMS will be sent to the mobilephone of your Team Member.

Click “Next”



Now choose the “Password Reset” Service and click on the Information Icon. After a few Seconds you will receive a Information in the SCOOSP Portal and a SMS at your mobilephone


The Text Message will look like this.


Now start the Service and enter your new Password and the SMS Passcode.


Click Submit and wait a few seconds.

If you have done everything correct, your User is unlocked, and a new Password is set.


If you have done something wrong, you will receive this Text Message.


Feel free to try something different.

Download this Runbook: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Orchestrator-Runbook-4ea2d970


Have Fun and automate everything
Michael Seidl from SCOOSP