Here we will show, how to create a Request a Software Service for the au2mator Self Service Portal.

First, the Runbook, it is included in our public Download on TechNet Gallery, Download link is below.

Create the Service

For this Service, we will need the Runbook 04.03-Install Software and 04.99.01-Approval Runbook

So Navigate to the au2mator Self Service Portal and create a new Service.

We called it “Request a Software” with a nice Description and a Icon

In this Service, we want to have an Approval Step, so navigate to “APPROVER”

We have decided to let the Manager approve, of course you can change this to your needs.

Next we configure some Instructions at the “ADVANCED” Tab


Next, and of course the important step, chose your Runbook 04.03-Install Software and 04.99.01-Approval Runbook

Now navigate to “QUESTIONS” and configure the Questions.

For the Softwarelist we have decided to use a SQL Table to present to the User.

For the Reason we use a Simple Text Field, it is on the response of the User to tell a good reason, otherwise the Request will be denied.

Save the Service and let’s try it.

Start the Request a Software Service

First this will trigger the 04.99.01-Approval Runbook which will send a Mail to the Manager.

On the Click, the Manager can directly see Details and choose to deny or approve.


As a Result,

  • the Manager will get an Email about  a new approval
  • If the Manager will approve, the Primary Devices of The User will be added to the SCCM Collections
  • If the Manager denies, nothing will happen.


Download the Runbooks: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Orchestrator-Runbook-4ea2d970

Download the Images: https://au2mator.com/service-images/


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