Here we will show, how to create a Create User (User Onboarding) Service for the au2mator Self Service Portal.

First, the Runbook, it is included in our public Download on TechNet Gallery, Download link is below.

Create the Service

For this Service, we will need the Runbook 04.05-User Onboarding

So Navigate to the au2mator Self Service Portal and create a new Service.

We called it “New User” with a nice Description and a Icon.

If you like you can add an Approval Step, in this case we navigate to the “ADVANCED” Tab and enter some Instructions.

Next, and of course the important step, chose your Runbook  04.05-User Onboarding

Next, got to the “QUESTIONS”

The First Name and Last Name will be a Simple Text Question Type without any Regular Expression.

The Location will be requested from Active Directory, in this case we have an OU for each Location


For example, this is our Location OU Structure.

The Manager is a simple User LDAP Picker, configured as Typeahead.

Save the Service and let’s try it.

Start the New User Service

As a Result,

  • The Runbook will decide a Username and create the User in the selected Location
  • Based on the Location Details, User Details will be filled
  • The Manager will be set


Download the Runbooks: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Orchestrator-Runbook-4ea2d970

Download the Images: https://au2mator.com/service-images/


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