f you like au2mator – Self Service Portal and you decided to buy a License, here are some facts.

If you buy au2mator – Self Service Portal, you get the following

  • unlimited Functions of au2mator, based on AD User
  • Free Runbooks from au2mator
  • Free Service Icons from au2mator
  • 1 Year of Software Maintenance, get every Release for free
  • 1 Year of Support, special Helpdesk for Customers
  • Access to a Customer Download Area

There are 4 different Packages of au2mator – Self Service Portal

  • Starter, up to 999 Active Directory Users
  • Rookie, up to 4999 Active Directory Users
  • Pro, up to 9999 Active Directory Users
  • MVP, unlimited Active Directory Users

If you pass the limit of licensed Active Directory Users, there will be a threshold of 10 Users. if you pass this limit, au2mator – Self Service Portal will switch to Trial/Test Version until you enter the new License Key.

You need to buy the next Version of au2mator – Self Service Portal, but only have to pay the difference. Send an Email to licensing@au2mator.com

See this Article, to get the correct amount of Users – https://au2mator.com/question/how-to-license-au2mator-correctly/

Support and Software Maintenance

If you buy an au2mator – Self Service Portal License you get 1 Year of Software Maintenance and Support for free.

At the initial ordering process, you need to activate the Subscription. After 1 Year, you need to continue this Subscription, the costs will be 20% of the initial License cost per year beginning with the start of the second year.

If you cancel the Subscription, you can continue to use au2mator – Self Service Portal, but you will not be able to get support or new Versions of au2mator – Self Service Portal. Also the access to the Download Area will be disabled.

Questions? Contact us: licensing@au2mator.com