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We would like an global feature, to hide the Au2mator AD groups used for restricting our Au2mator services.
Within the next 6 months, we would have approx 20 Service Groups and between 5-80 services below them.
Each Service group and service itself, will have an AD group linked to it.

At the moment we have several services, using the LDAP Querys, in order to manage groups.
Add User to Group
Add user to distribution list
Add user to Azure Sync
… and alot more coming in the future.

Its not an ideal solution for us, to generate LDAP queries excluding all Au2mator AD groups.
Also foreach service we add with an LDAP query based question, is one more place we would have to maintain the excluded groups.

For instance if i added an service called “New MSSQL database” and restricted it to my AD group “Au2mator.Service.NewSQLDatabase”, i would have to update all services that uses an LDAP query, in order to exclude this group from being shown.

The point is, that we dont want our Helpdesk / Endusers, to have the option to grant themself more Au2mator features.