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Use Orchestrator with au2mator

Last modified: October 22, 2020
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Setting Information

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This article will describe how you can connect au2mator to System Center Orchestrator.

Configure Orchestrator with au2mator

  • Login as Admin
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click on Automation
  • Scroll down to SCO Runbooks
  • Enter the URI of your SCO Webservice
    • URI should look like: “HTTP://[SCO ServerName]:[SCOServerPort]/Orchestrator2012/orchestrator.svc”
    • Example: “http://DEMO01:81/Orchestrator2012/orchestrator.svc.”
  • Make sure; the IIS App Pool Service User has full Access as SCO Admin

Create a Runbook to work with au2mator

There are only a few things you need to take care of when creating a Runbook.

There are three essential Parts

  • Initialize Data
  • Your Automation
    • That’s is your Magic, and absolutely up to you
  • Return Data
    • with the Return function, you can write values back to au2mator, which shown in the Service Details

Create a Service with Orchestrator Runbook

Now it is time for the exciting Part, Self Service, and delegate your Orchestrator Runbooks with au2mator.

Make sure you have configured at least one Service Group before.

  • Login as Admin
  • Navigate to Services
  • Click on +New
  • Enter NameDescription and select a Service Group
  • Navigate to Automation
  • Select Orchestrator
  • Select your Runbook from the List as New Request Runbook
  • Navigate to Questions and configure your Questions as needed

Something More

Make sure the au2mator App Pool Service User is allowed to trigger the Runbook

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