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Last modified: January 30, 2023
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Setting Information

  • Feature
  • available since Release 4.8
  • BETA Status

Detailed Information

With au2mator URL Parameters, you can

  • Start a Service with a unique URL
  • Start a Service with prefilled Parameters

Start a Service with a unique URL

Now you can start a Service with a unique URL, so you or your User can start an Automation much faster.

The URL Format: http://localhost/Requests/Start?serviceId=*ID*&userId=*TargetUserID*

Full Example: http://localhost/Requests/Start?serviceId=59&userId=seidlm

The Service ID can be seen on the “Services” Page

The User ID must be the SamAccountName

Start a Service with prefilled Parameters.

You can start a Request with prefilled Questions with only a single URL. The supported Question Types are

  • Text
  • Options
  • Yes-No
  • Date
  • LDAP
  • SQL
  • INT
  • PowerShell

We could explain all the Syntax here, but we thought it would be easier to integrate the URL Builder into the au2mator Portal.

So Navigate to your Service, click the Tab “Advanced” and see the Section “Prefilled Parameters”

Answer the Question and get the URL by clicking on “Copy URL.”

The URL: http://localhost/Requests/Start?serviceId=59&userId=seidlm&prefilledParameters=170~Armin Kraus:CN=Armin Kraus,OU=Bern,OU=LOCATIONS,OU=DOMAIN,DC=au2mator,DC=local;172~au2mator Admin:CN=au2mator Admin,OU=au2mator,OU=APPLICATIONS,OU=au2mator,DC=au2mator,DC=local;171~My Comment

The Service started with the URL

Something More

  • In Release 4.9, the &userId=*TargetUserID* is not required anymore
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