Unique URL To Your au2mator – Self Service Portal Request

Last modified: October 9, 2020
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Setting Information

  • since au2mator Release 2.5

Detailed Information

You can offer a unique URL to a Request, for you and your Managers or Approvers.

How is this unique URL built?

Each Request started by you or your Users will have a unique ID, this will build your Unique URL.

So for example, au2mator – Self Service Portal is available with the following URL


The unique URL for your Request with the Number 11828 will be


Who will have access to this?

As a Standard Setting, only related Users to this Request will have access to the Unique URL.

Related Users are:

  • Requested by User
  • Requested for User
  • Approvers

Can I make a Service globally accessible?

Yes, you can configure the Access to Request, based on a Service Setting.

So go to your Service Settings and activate “Is Globally Accessible” This will make all Requests, based on this Service accessible to all Users.

Something More

  • Cause we pass the Request ID as a built-in initialize Data, you can make some HTML Links in your Notification Runbook


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