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au2mator – Self Service Portal Installation Version 3.X

Last modified: January 27, 2022
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You will be a lucky guy, cause you downloaded au2mator – Self Service Portal and now you need some Information to get started.

Here we will show you how to install au2mator – Self Service Portal.

First, you  have to do some preparations

  • Install the .NET framework 4.5
  • Create a database for the end user Portal (You can use SQL Express also)
  • Create a domain account for the End User Portal Application Pool (can be your SCO Admin)
  • Make sure that the account has db_owner permissions on the new database
  • Make sure that the account has administrator permissions on SCO
  • Make sure that the Account has Full Access rights to the SCOOSP Directory in Inetpup
  • Know the url of your SCO web service
  • Make the user member of the ‘OchestratorUsersGroup’ security group

Now we can start with the Installation

Best will be to install SCOOSP at the same Server like your Orchestrator Server, cause there is already an IIS installed

Install Application Pool

  1. Open you IIS Manager
  2. Navigate to Application Pools
  3. Right click on Application Pools and choose “Add Application Pool…
  4. Now choose a Name and make sure .Net Version is 4.x
  5. Do a right click on the newly created Application Pool and select “Advanced Settings”
  6. Scroll to the “Identity” Setting and click three dotted Icon
  7. Enter the User credentials and don’t forget your domain Name

Configure Default Website

  1. Navigate to “Default Website”, right click and look for the “Advanced Settings”
  2. Choose the newly created Application Pool.
  3. Now open the “Authentication” Settings of the Default Website
  4. Make sure that your configuration fits this Screenshot

Copy the Content

  1. Navigate to “C:\inetpub\wwwroot” and delete all Files and Folders
  2. Now copy the Content of your downloaded SCOOSP Zip to this Destination, should look like this
  3. Make sure, your Application Pool User has full access to the whole Directory

Edit web.config

  1. Open the web.config file, located in “C:\inetpub\wwwroot” and change the highlighted Settings
    • OrchestratorServiceUrl: Enter your SCO Server Name where the Web services are installed.
    • AdminUserIDs: Enter your Admin Account delimited by “,”. Enter your user without the Domain name !! This is limited to one User when using the Trial Version
    • DomainSearchRoot: Enter your Domain Search Root Distinguished Name.
    • Database: Enter SQL Server Name and SQL Server Database where the SCOOSP DB is located. DB will be created by SCOOSP.

Access for Application Pool User

Sometimes it can be necessary to ad your Application Pool User with Full Access to the Runbook Folder, see our Article for Details×00003/

Now start Internet Explorer and navigate to the SCOOSP Portal

Follow our Basic configuration after installation:

Happy automating

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