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Last modified: April 22, 2021
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Setting Information

  • Runbook Types

Detailed Information

In au2mator – Self Service Portal you will be able to configure 6 Runbooks Types, for each Service Request.

Request New : will be used to start the Request

Request Info : If configured, users can get more information for this Service Request. Configure your Runbook with “Return Data” to provide more information in this Runbook.

Users will see this “Information” Icon

Request Approval : This Runbook will be started if the Service is configured to be approved. So you can use this RB to send a Notification to the Approval User.

Service Info : Will provide some additional information based on the Service.

Service Remove : will start the Remove Runbook for the Service

Service Change : will start the Change Runbooks for the Service.

Something More

  • Restart IIS Service after changing the Settings
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