PowerShell Credentials

Last modified: January 9, 2023
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Setting Information

  • PowerShell
  • au2mator Service

Detailed Information

Here you can find detailed information on using our “ready to au2mate”  PowerShell Scripts

To make it easier for you to deploy, we use stored “Credentials” in our PowerShell Scripts.

The following list should help you see the “Credentials” we are using.


 NameVariable for CredVariable for FileFilename
SMTP Credentials$SMTPcredential$SMTPcredential_FileSMTPCreds.xml
Teams Graph API$TeamsCred$TeamsCred_FileTeamsCreds.xml
Azure REST API$AzureRestAPICred$AzureRestAPICred_FileAzureRestCreds.xml
Azure Graph API$AzureADGraphAPICred$AzureADGraphAPICred_FileAzureADCreds.xml
Mail Graph API$AzureGraphMailCred$AzureGraphMailCred_FileAzureGraphMailCreds.xml
MS Graph API$MSGraphAPICredMSGraphAPICred_FileMSGraphAPICred.xml

Run the following PowerShell command to store credentials in an XML File. Make sure you run the command as the Service User, configured at the IIS App Pool. Change the Path to fit your Credentials Store.

SMTP Credentials



is used to send the Status Mail via SMTP

Create CRED File