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Last modified: September 5, 2022
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This Article describes how to install or Update au2mator with manual steps.


Please see and prepare the Prerequisites from this Article: Install or Update au2mator – Self Service Portal – au2mator – Self Service Portal


will follow


We will copy/paste the new File into the inetpub directory and ensure that some files will be kept.

IIS – Internet Information Services

Stop IIS Website or IIS Service


Please make sure you do a Backup of

  • au2mator Dir
    • usually “C:\inetpub\au2mator”
    • make a Copy of the whole Directory
  • au2mator DB Backup
    • Backup the au2mator SQL Database
  • Automation Backup
    • Backup your PowerShell Files
    • Backup SCO Database

Remove Files

Go to your au2mator Directory and remove the content, except the Files and Folders below.

  • FILE: C:\inetpub\au2mator\appsettings,json
  • FILE: C:\inetpub\au2mator\web.config
  • DIR: C:\inetpub\au2mator\wwwroot\Licensing
  • DIR: C:\inetpub\au2mator\wwwroot\CustomSpace
  • DIR: C:\inetpub\au2mator\wwwroot\CustomStore

Copy new File

  • Download the latest Build and unzip the content
  • Navigate to the Directory “WebPortal” in the Folder
  • Copy the content to the au2mator Directory
  • Do not override any Files

.Net Version

Please make sure you also install and use the corresponding.NEt Version. See the List at the bottom here: Install or Update au2mator – Self Service Portal – au2mator – Self Service Portal

IIS – Internet Information Services

Start IIS Website or Service and Test your Installation

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