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How to use Advanced Placeholder

Last modified: April 16, 2021
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Setting Information

  • since au2mator Release 3.2
  • Advanced Questions

Detailed Information

With Advanced Placeholder, you are even more dynamic with your Services.
So you can use the Logged-in User or the Result from a Question to limit the Result to a different Question.

Advanced Placeholder are available for the following Question types

  • SQL Question type
  • LDAP Question Type (since 4.1)

SQL Question Type Example

  • We have created the following SQL Table.
  • No, we create a new Service and configure our SQL Question Type, as you see here.
  • Now, click on the “+” Sign and select  {LOGGED_IN_SAMACCOUNTNAME}
  • as a result, your Query should look like this
  • If you start a Request with your new Service and logged in as “SeidlM” you will see this 4 Result only

LDAP Question Type Example

The best Example is to show User/Group Memberships.

So configure Question 1 – Select User as you see on the Screenshot.

Question 2 – Choose Group – should list all Groups of the selected User from Question 1

As a result, when selecting a User, the Second Question only shows the Groups where the User is a Member.

Test Advanced Placeholder

Since Release 4.1 you can also Test your Advanced Placeholder Question as an Admin.

When you click the View button, you will be asked for the Value, which you expect for the Advanced Placeholder.

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