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Enable MultiDomain Support

Last modified: October 9, 2020
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Setting Information

  • Setting available from Version 3.6
  • General Setting

Detailed Information

au2mator – Self Service Portal is now able to work with Sub, Top or Trusted Domains.

To enable this Setting, log on as an Admin, navigate to Settings/General and enable “Multi-Domain Support.”

Restart your Webservice. Otherwise, this Feature will not take effect.


If this Feature is enabled, we will also count User in Sub, Top or Trusted Domains, so make sure your License is correct for this amount of Users.

It can also change your Team, for example, you are the Manager of Users in a different Domain also, so this user will also be included in your Team.

Something More

  • If your License does not fit the new Amount of Users, you will be able to turn this off again or to upgrade your License, for this contact us at
  • If Multidomain Feature is enabled, the “old” web.config Admins will not longer work, so please configure the Admin Group and disable the web.config Admins


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