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Last modified: April 7, 2023
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Setting Information

  • Question Type Setting

Detailed Information

You can display dynamic Background Text based on the Selected User or an LDAP or SQL Question Type.

You will be able to choose if the Text is displayed as Background Text or editable Text

Navigate to your Service and select a “Text Question Type.”

Navigate to the “Background Text’s Type” Section and choose “Dynamic.”

Choose from which Source you want to show the Value

  • From selected User
    • Here you see the Value from the Seelcted User on Page 1 at “Start a Request”
    • When you use the “Limit User to MySelf” or there is no User Selection, your User is selected
  • From Question’s Answer
    • Here you can select a previously configured LDAP or SQL Question Type
    • Configure the LDAP or SQL Property you want to see.


The result is seen as this.

Now you can quickly Type a new value

Where to find

This is now easily possible.

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Navigate to “Services”
  3. Select a Service to Edit
  4. Navigate to “Questions
  5. Select a “Text Question Type”
  6. See the Background Section in the Question Configuration


Make sure you are using the correct LDAP Property Values. Get a Full List here: User Object User Interface Mapping – Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

Something More

  • Since 4.3
  • SQL Question Type available since 4.9
  • Editable Background text since 4.9
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