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Download and Update License File

Last modified: June 19, 2023
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Setting Information

  • Setup or Update

Detailed Information

au2mator – Self Service Portal is licensed with a License File, which has to be downloaded from our site.

Please navigate and login to this Page:

Under the Header called “License,” you see all available Downloads. Please choose your Company Name.

On the following page, download the “XML” File.

Navigate to your au2mator Server and locate the “Licensing” Folder under the au2mator Directory.

Usually, it is located in “C:\inetpub\au2mator\Licensing.”

Since 4.0, your Path looks a little different: “C:\inetpub\au2mator\wwwroot\Licensing.”

Copy the new License File in this Directory and replace the existing one

Something More

  • Since au2mator – Self Service Portal 3.4 you have to use the v2 License File.
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