Datasource Configuration – Team Information

Last modified: October 15, 2020
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Setting Information

  • some Settings available from Version 3.4

Detailed Information

There are many ways to calculate your Team in au2mator – Self Service Portal.

ManagedBy attribute

The ManagedBy attribute will build the Team by the Manager Attribute in Active Directory. So your Team Members will be all Users, where the logged-in User is Manager.

Group based

The Group based setting will let you control your Team by Group Memberships. So if the Logged-in User is the Manager of a Group, the Team Members will be the Members of this Group.

Also Count Groups as Manager

This is an Option when “Group based” is selected.

Here you can choose that the Manager of a Group, can also be a Group, so all Members of the Manager Group will see the Members of the second Group as Team

Also Count Sub Groups

This is an Option when “Group based” is selected.

If this option is selected, Groups will also count as Team Members and will be determined recursively.

Group based & ManagedBy attribute.

This is the Combination of the above main options. See the Top of this Article for Details.

Something more

Make sure, you do not use too many sub Groups, especially in Multi-Domain Environments, cause this can result in bad Performance