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Configuring Application Pool Recycling for au2mator

Last modified: September 7, 2022
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Setting Information

  • Performance Adjustment
  • IIS Settings

Detailed Information

A slow page load time can indicate that the application pool has been recycled since the last time the portal was accessed. When a user accesses a page on the au2mator Portal for the first time after an application pool recycles, an application start event occurs, which will do some admin stuff in the background. Especially for large customer environments, this process can take up to a few minutes. This is a one-time event that occurs after each application pool recycle. Further, for each page that is accessed for the first time after an application pool recycles, IIS will take a little longer to generate the page and store the resulting page in the IIS output caching. This needs to be done only once for each page.

One thing that can be done to help address this is to adjust application pool recycling frequency/conditions. While au2mator does not recommend shutting off app pool recycling completely, it can be delayed to occur once every few days or during specific time windows. To do this, open IIS:

  • Navigate to Application Pools.
  • Right-click on au2mator.
  • Select Recycling…
  • Edit the Recycling conditions. The default setting is 1740 minutes (29 hours). au2mator recommends only having the app pool recycle automatically 1/day during non-business hours.

Something More

  • Restart IIS Service after changing the Settings
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