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Last modified: July 30, 2021
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Setting Information

  • Question Types

Detailed Information

To configure Text as a Question Type, configure your Service and choose “Text” as Type

Validation Regular Expression

  • Enter your Regex to make take controll of the entered information -> See “Related Articles” for some examples

Validation Message

  • This Message is shown when the configured Regex does not match the entered Information

Background Text’s Type

choose between “Static” or “Dynamic”

  • Static
    • Enter a Static Background Text which is shown in ligth Grey to help your USer to fill Informations correctly
  • Dynamic
    • Here you can present dynamic Background Text related to a previous Question (LDAP Type only) or from the “Selected User” this Service is triggered for.
    • Value to use: please enter LDAP Property Name to show the Value of
    • Example: Enter “Displayname” to show the Displayname of the selected Record as Background Text

Something More

The Dynamic Background Text is often used for “Update” Services. For example to Update AD Properties of the selected User, it helps to see the current Values from the AD

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