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Last modified: July 14, 2021
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Setting Information

  • Question Types
  • available since Release 2.5

Detailed Information

To configure SQL Query as a Question Type, configure your Service and choose “SQLQuery” as Type

SQL Server

  • Type in the Name of your SQL Server

SQL Database

  • Enter the Name of your Database

SQL Query

  • enter your SQL Query
  • Write SQL command in lowercase
  • don’t copy and paste from SQL Management Query Windows

Select Columns

Here you can select the Columns you want to Show and/or Send


  • Is SQL Windows Authentication, the App Pool User will be used for authentication
  • SQL Authentication, Enter Username and Password tor SQL Authentication
    • Make sure SQL Server is configured to acceppt SQL Server Login
  • Use Users Windows Credentials instead of App Pool, the Users Information is used, which is using the Request

Make sure the User has access to the SQL Server and the Database

The SQL Query will run each time a User is selecting this related Service

Something More

Make sure the Query you are entering is as simple as possible. Do not use heavy commands like ORDER BY, DISTINCT, or something similar.

Instead, build a View, where all your Information is ready, and only use simple Select in our Portal.

Reason: Heavy Queries can also slow down our Portal, and that is something no one wants.


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