Azure Automation Variables and Credentials

Last modified: December 7, 2020
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Setting Information

  • Azure Automation
  • au2mator Service

Detailed Information

Here you can find detailed information, on using our “ready to au2mate” Azure Automation PowerShell Scripts

To make it easier for you to deploy, we are using “Variables” and “Credentials” in our PowerShell Scripts.

The following list should help you to set the correct Values of all “Variables” and “Credentials” we are using.


au2mator_DCDomain Controler Namesrvdc1.domain.local
au2mator_LogPathRoot Logging PathC:\_SCOworkingDir\TFS\PS-Services
au2mator_PortalURLFull URL of au2mator Portal used for Mail Templatehttp://demo01.au2mator.local
au2mator_DBServerau2mator DB Servernamedemo01
au2mator_DBNameau2mator DB Database Nameau2mator
au2mator_SMTPServerSMTP Server to send
au2mator_SMTPSenderSender Mail, who sends the au2mator
au2mator_HelpDBNameDatabase for Staging Informationau2matorHelp
au2mator_HelpSQLServerSQL Server for Staging DBdemo01
au2mator_PSRemotingServerServername to connect for PS Remotingsrvdc1.domain.local
au2mator_TeamsSyncRBName of your Azure Automation Runbook to Sync Teamsau2mator_Teams_SyncTeams


  • SMTP_Credentials: are used to authenticate against your Mail Server
  • TEAMS_AdminCredentials: is used to authenticate against Teams

Something More

  • Since 3.4


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