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Last modified: June 3, 2021
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Setting Information

  • Create a Service
  • Advanced Configuration Tab

Detailed Information

This Article will describe the Options; you can find under the Advanced Tab when creating or editing a new Service


  • External Key: will Control the au2mator Services, see the Details here.  LINK
  • Is Disabled: you can disable a Service with that Options, so it will not be available anymore
  • Instructions: Will displayed when a User starts the Request

Customs Response

You can configure a Custom Response when a Request is triggered.

  • Activate Custom Start Message: Enable or Disable this Feature for this Service
  • Message: Enter the Custom Message you want to appear, HTML is supported
  • Message Position: Choose the Location, where the Message should appear
  • Require User Response: Check, if User has to acknowledge the Message

Wait For Return Data

Here you will not be redirected after you started the Request. Otherwise, we will wait for and show the Return Data

  • Wait for Automation to finish:  Enable or disable
  • Timeout in seconds: Enter Timeout Value in Seconds. After this period, the redirect will start

Custom Redirect

You can choose, to redirect to a different Site, after a Request is started

  • Enable Custom Redirect: Enable or Disable this Feature for this Service
  • Redirect to Staus Page: Will redirect to single Status Page (since Version 4.2)
  • Custom URL: Enter the URL including “HTTP://”

Something More

  • Most of the Features are available since 3.8


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