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AD Group Recursive Settings

Last modified: September 8, 2022
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Setting Information

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Detailed Information

When a user is loading the “Start a Request Page,” we will calculate all Service Groups and services the User can see.

This can take some time in huge Environments with many Active Directory Groups. So we added a Setting to enable/disable the Recursive Groups function.

If disabled (default Setting), we only check if the user is a direct member of the Security Group of the “Service” or “Service Group.”

If enabled, we do a recursive calculation of the Group Memberships if the user is a Member of the Security Group of the “Service” or “Service Group.”

The corresponding Property in Settings Table is “EnableRecursiveGroupCheck.”
0 = Disabled
1= Enabled


Run “IISRESET” after you changed the Value

Something More

  • Since 4.0
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