au2mator GmbH

We want to inform you, that the Company

Michael Seidl e.u.

does not exist anymore and was transferred into

au2mator GmbH

The Main Persons and our Service are sƟll the same. Please see the Details on the second Page.
From now on, we will only accept Invoices, Quotes, and other Documents with the new Details.

Name: au2mator GmbH
Adresse: Wilhelm-Fein-Strasse 37,  4540 Pfarrkirchen,  Austria
CEO: Michael Seidl
VAT: ATU79770507
FBN: 609158x
Bank Details: Sparkasse Marchtrenk,  IBAN: AT72 2032 0321 0068 9137,  BIC: ASPKAT2LXXX
General Mail:
Invoice Mail:
Order Mail:





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au2mator 5.0 preview

We are very excited to publish au2mator 5.0 soon.

We spent much time rethinking and redesigning the complete solution and bringing it to the next step.

Also, we made some changes under the hood to be prepared for what’s coming next and make it even more reliable for you to use.

We heard your feedback and took it seriously to improve our next generation of au2mator Self-Service Portal.

We also made some decisions on Features, and we do not want to support any more related to deprecation or unusual integration.

So here is a preview of the Feature we will remove in 5.0

  • Notes
    • With Announcements, you can communicate with your End Users. Notes have always been very complicated, so we removed Notes from 5.0
  • SMA
    • Microsft does not put any effort into SMA, so we removed it from our supported Automation Engines. With PowerShell, Azure Automation, and System Center Orchestrator, you have plenty of ways to automate your Things. And Maybe we will add some others soon.
  • Services
    • We will remove the advanced Services beyond the User Profile.

So, that’s a list of removed Features […]

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User Lifecycle Management

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, managing user lifecycles has become an increasingly challenging task for organizations. From onboarding new employees to handling access rights, permissions, and offboarding, the user lifecycle management process is vital for maintaining security, compliance, and operational efficiency. However, manual user lifecycle management can be time-consuming, error-prone, and resource-intensive. This is where automation comes to the rescue. In this blog post, we will explore the key question of “Why automate?” user lifecycle management and discuss “How to get started” with the powerful au2mator platform.

Why Automate User Lifecycle Management?

Enhanced Security and Compliance: Automating user lifecycle management ensures consistent application of security policies and permissions across the organization. It minimizes the risk of human error and unauthorized access, reducing the chances of data breaches and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Efficiency and Productivity: Manual user lifecycle management can be a time-consuming process, especially in large organizations with a high turnover rate. Automation streamlines repetitive tasks, such as user provisioning and deprovisioning, allowing IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives, thus boosting overall productivity.

Cost Savings: Automating user lifecycle management […]

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