We help IT Departments to save time and money by automating and delegating AZURE tasks.

Delegate your AZURE Task to your Users, not the IT Department. Add additional Approval Steps to control new Requests.

With au2mator – Self Service Portal, everything is documented and automated with PowerShell, Azure Automation, SC Orchestrator, or SC SMA.

Self Service your AZURE Environment with au2mator

Create an Azure Virtual Machine

Quickly let your User request a new Azure VM. You have to approve or deny, and the VM is created automatically

Manage Azure Application Registration Owner

Configure Azure Application Registration Owner with au2mator and let your Owners manage their App Regs

Create an Azure Application Registration

Security is the central topic, so every Connection to Microsoft Cloud needs an Azure Application Registration. Delegate and automate with au2mator.

Add Secret to Azure Application Registration

Let your App Owner add a new Secret to an Azure Application Registration with au2mator Self Service Portal.