Do more with au2mator.

au2mator provides a Self Service Portal to trigger Microsoft Automation and get the most out of PowerShell, Azure Automation and System Center Orchestrator. Delegate your automation tasks, evolve your IT, and increase quality and reliability.

Your Self-Service Portal with
3 Automation-Engines

Use au2mator to define and automate your IT process. Au2mator is here to make the best out of your IT Budget and give back time to your IT Staff.

Endless possibilities

Use au2mator to define and automate your IT process. Au2mator is here to make the best out of your IT budget and give back time to your IT staff.

User Services

Passwort Reset

Reset my Workstation
Request a Software
Change my User Details
Request a Teams Channel

First Level Services

Reboot a Server
Set out of Office Reply
Update User Proberties
Enable a User
Add a User to a Group

Enterprise Services

User Onboarding

Deploy a Virtual server
New Microsoft Team
Assign Licenses
User Leaving

How au2mator improves your IT

Reduce Domain Admins and prevent errors.

Implement standardized processes

Build Self Service Forms to delegate routine tasks to your End User or Help desk Team.

Do not pay for people, doing daily routine tasks on your business.

Create a service

You will be able to present your Runbooks as a Service within 1 Minute.

Just enter a Name, Description, and choose your Runbook. There is no easier way to let your users help themselves.

If you want to spend an additional Minute, configure additional Runbooks, Approvers, Security, and customize your Questions.

Manage your team

Easily manage your Team, get their user details, and start a Service for them.

Your team Information is life from Active Directory based on your  “managed by” Setting or based on Group Memberships or both.

You don’t need to change your Active Directory, au2mator – Self Service Portal will fit in your Active Directory.

Question parameters

There are many options to make your Questions more user-friendly and more secure with regular expression.

Text, Date, Dropdown, Yes or No, SQL, LDAP, Powershell, and a lot more.

Approve a request

If you configured your Service to be approved, you could easily do this with au2amtor – Self Service Portal.

You will be able to see all the essential Details on one Page. Click “Approve” or “Deny,” the choice is yours.

User details

See your and your Team’s user details based on the Information from Active Directory.

au2mator – Self Service Portal will let you choose the Properties you want to have available.