au2mator is happy to release Version 4.3.127. We have added a lot of features and fixed some bugs.

We want to thank our Customers and Partners for all the new ideas to make au2mator – Self Service Portal even better.

Let us show you some of the new features.

Service Multi-Select

We did not really add this as a new feature. We make it configurable. Till now, you could Select as many Services as you like and then head over to the Service itself to fill in the Details. Our Customer told us that they usually select one Service and then click “Next” to use the Service.

So, we save you a click, and now when you select one Service, we immediately head over to the Service itself, without the need for a click.

But no worries, you still can enable the Multi-Select of a Service – Enable Service Mutiselect – au2mator – Self Service Portal.


Dynamic Background Text

This is one of our coolest new Features in this Release. Imagine you are creating a Service to Update some User details. Wouldn’t it be a huge benefit to see the actual Values of the Users Property?

It would, and now you can do it.

You can show the LDAP Values from a selected LDAP Object (User, COmputer, or whatever you like) as Background text in a Text Field.


See Documentation for Details: Dynamic Background Text – au2mator – Self Service Portal.


New Prepopulated Table Design

When you use the Prepopulated Table for your Multi Selection, it is often useful to see the List of selected Values.


Release Details

See the Full List here: au2mator – Self Service Portal – Version history – au2mator – Self Service Portal.


See our actual Roadmap:

How to upgrade and special Upgrade Notes, take care: Install or Update au2mator – Self Service Portal – au2mator – Self Service Portal

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Have Fun and au2mate everything
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