au2mator is happy to release Version 4.0.178. We have added a lot of features and fixed some bugs.

We want to thank our Customers and Partners for all the new ideas, so we can make au2mator – Self Service Portal even better.

See this List of Changes


  • MAJOR: We now use Localazy as a Translation Engine
  • NEW: 4 new Languages, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish  – LINK
  • NEW: Advanced Placeholder is now available for LDAP Question Type – LINK
  • NEW: New Typeahead for LDAP Question Type – LINK
  • TWEAK: Now you can Test Advanced Placeholder Questions – LINK
  • TWEAK: Language Settings moved to “My Profile” – LINK
  • TWEAK: LDAP Question has now “Base DN” to configure
  • TWEAK: When using PowerShell Automation, Redirect  is now immediately after starting a Request
  • TWEAK: “Show Values” on LDAP Query is now Mandatory
  • TWEAK: LDAP Typeahead – LINK
  • TWEAK: You can now preselect the Value of a Checkbox Question type
  • TWEAK: PowerShell Files which are corrupt or have a wrong Syntax is now checked, and you receive a Message in Portal
  • TWEAK: Redesigned Help Message Popup
  • TWEAK: Multiple Azure Subscriptions now possible – LINK
  • TWEAK: Azure App Registration is now used for Azure Automation – LINK
  • TWEAK: Azure Automation Runbook Selection redesigned
  • TWEAK: Logging Format for “Start a Request”
  • TWEAK: Finish a Request Performance increased
  • TWEAK: On Prepopulated Table, Cursor is now in Search Input
  • TWEAK: You are now able to Test Questions with Advanced Placeholders.
  • TWEAK: Auto-Scroll Up when clicking on Finish Button



  • Formatting at “Start a Request!” with long Question Names
  • Pressing “Enter” on Start a Request was navigating Back
  • Mandatory Setting on Checkbox Question Types was not working
  • SECURITY: Star a Request Vulnerability solved
  • BUG: Error being thrown on start a request page when integer condition used in a parameter and input field non does not fill
  • Error throwing at the start a request page when first question type of the service is yes/no
  • Multi-Select on Option Question Type was not rendering correct
  • Dropdown Question now supports “Mandatory” Option
  • SQL Search was not working correctly
  • Slow Performance on Servers without Internet
  • Multiple SQL Advanced Placeholder returned wrong Values.
  • Conditions on “Date” Question Types was not working correctly
  • LDAP Query Error is solved
  • SQL Advanced Placeholder “MySelf” transferred “Myself” instead of Username
  • Migration from 3.9 is now also taking the Request ID’s



  • Please Reconfigure Azure Automation
  • Please reconfigure all DateTime Question Types with the correct format.


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