au2mator is happy to release Version 4.0.178. We have added a lot of features and fixed some bugs.

We want to thank our Customers and Partners for all the new ideas, so we can make au2mator – Self Service Portal even better.

See this List of Changes


  • MAJOR: moved from .NET Framework to .NET Core
  • NEW: Web Setup
  • NEW: New SQL Authentication – LINK
  • NEW: Configure SQL Question Show and Transfer Column – LINK
  • NEW: mark service as Favorite – LINK
  • TWEAK: Removed System Notes
  • TWEAK: AD Group Recursive Settings – LINK
  • TWEAK: New Design for Question Page
  • TWEAK: Drag and Drop to Reorder Questions
  • TWEAK: Performance Improvements
  • TWEAK: Some Wording Changes
  • TWEAK: Better Mobile Experience


  • Approve/Deny Button removed on closed Request
  • SQL Search now searches all Properties
  • Wait for Return Data, made the wrong redirect
  • Search on SQL Question Types now searches all Columns
  • Not able to delete Azure Info Runbook
  • CSS handling
  • Admins not always saw all Services
  • Refresh Button on Azure Automation
  • SQL Question Types show more entries when complex
  • Refresh Button on PowerShell Automation was not working
  • When a Domain was not reachable, Portal throws an error
  • Hide empty Service Groups


  • Backup License and Custom before
  • SQL Question Types
  • New SQL DB

See our actual Roadmap:

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