au2mator is happy to release the Version 3.4.053. We have added a lot of Features, and fixed some bugs.

We want to thank our Customers and Partners for all the new Ideas, so we can make au2mator – Self Service Portal even better.

See this List of Changes


    • NEW FEAUTRE: Team Calculation: Now AD Groups can be Manager of a Group (read more)
    • NEW FEAUTRE: Team Calculation: Now you can use Sub Groups for Calculation (read more)
    • NEW FEAUTRE: New Question Type: File Picker
    • NEW FEAUTRE: Runbook Status will now be checked periodically (read more)
    • TWEAK: Removed Beta State for SMA or Azure Automation
    • TWEAK: Removed the dependency on Orchestrator Installation
    • TWEAK: New Licensing file
    • TWEAK: Now custom CSS are supported (read more)
    • TWEAK: Remove Automation Settings in GUI
    • TWEAK: Team Refresh is now working more flawless
    • TWEAK: Some enhanced Logging
    • TWEAK: Admin now sees all requests in History
    • TWEAK: Some smaller modifications in the background
  • TWEAK: Faster User Count on Startup and Login
  • TWEAK: When removing Automation Setting, we will list of related Services to delete


  • Remove the check Status Loop for Azure Services
  • Testing Azure Automation now uses correct Data
  • Required Field at Startup, wrong handling
  • Azure Automation Password will now be decrypted

See our actual Roadmap:

How to upgrade and special Upgrade Notes, take care:


Have Fun and au2mate everything
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