au2mator is happy to release the Version 3.2.307. We have added a lot of Features, and fixed some bugs.

We want to thank our Customers and Partners for all the new Ideas, so we can make au2mator – Self Service Portal even better.

See this List of Changes


  • NEW FEATURE: Advanced Placeholder – see more
  • NEW FEATURE: Help for Admins
  • NEW FEATURE: Regular Expression for Password Question Type
  • NEW FEATURE: Copy a Service
  • Settings Reordered
  • Enhanced Date Question Type
  • User Status will be shown
  • Multiselect for QuestionType Options
  • Show Description on Services and Service Groups
  • Some other, small stuff


  • Dynamic Question will be calculated on Load
  • LDAP and SQL Query not showing Result sometimes
  • Return Data from Runbook will also be gathered if Runbook is warning

See our actual Roadmap:

How to upgrade and special Upgrade Notes, take care:


Have Fun and au2mate everything
au2mator- Self Service Portal