We are very excited to publish au2mator 5.0 soon.

We spent much time rethinking and redesigning the complete solution and bringing it to the next step.

Also, we made some changes under the hood to be prepared for what’s coming next and make it even more reliable for you to use.

We heard your feedback and took it seriously to improve our next generation of au2mator Self-Service Portal.

We also made some decisions on Features, and we do not want to support any more related to deprecation or unusual integration.

So here is a preview of the Feature we will remove in 5.0

  • Notes
    • With Announcements, you can communicate with your End Users. Notes have always been very complicated, so we removed Notes from 5.0
  • SMA
    • Microsft does not put any effort into SMA, so we removed it from our supported Automation Engines. With PowerShell, Azure Automation, and System Center Orchestrator, you have plenty of ways to automate your Things. And Maybe we will add some others soon.
  • Services
    • We will remove the advanced Services beyond the User Profile.

So, that’s a list of removed Features in au2mator to make it more transparent and easier to use for you with 5.0

Now, let’s see some Screenshots of 5.0 and be excited together for the final release. (Note: There still might be some little changes to the design)