Do more with au2mator.

au2mator provides a Self Service Portal to trigger Microsoft Automation, helping you get the most out of PowerShell, Azure Automation, and System Center Orchestrator. Delegate your automation tasks, evolve your IT infrastructure, and increase both quality and reliability.

Your Self-Service portal with
three automation engines

Leverage au2mator to enhance and automate your IT workflows, optimizing your IT budget and freeing up time for your IT personnel to focus on high-value tasks

Endless possibilities

Define and automate your IT processes with au2mator. Optimize your IT budget and free up your IT staff’s time with our solution.

User Services

Passwort Reset

Reset my Workstation
Request a Software
Change my User Details
Request a Teams Channel

First Level Services

Reboot a Server
Set out of Office Reply
Update User Proberties
Enable a User
Add a User to a Group

Enterprise Services

User Onboarding

Deploy a Virtual server
New Microsoft Team
Assign Licenses
User Leaving

How au2mator improves your IT

Reduce the number of Domain Admins to minimize risk and prevent errors

Enhance quality by implementing standardized processes across your operations.

Save time by building self-service forms that delegate routine tasks to your end-users or help desk team.