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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you’ll find the most common questions about SCOOSP.

Please checkout the FAQ below before contacting us or submitting a support request.


How does the SCOOSP Licensing work

If you like SCOOSP and you decided to buy a License, here are some facts.

If you buy SCOOSP, you get the following

  • unlimited Functions of SCOOSP, based on AD User
  • Free Runbooks from SCOOSP
  • Free Service Icons from SCOOSP
  • 1 Year of Software Maintenance, get every Release for free
  • 1 Year of Support, special Helpdesk for Customers
  • Access to a Customer Download Area

There are 4 different Packages of SCOOSP

  • Starter, up to 999 Active Directory Users
  • Rookie, up to 4999 Active Directory Users
  • Pro, up to 9999 Active Directory Users
  • MVP, unlimited Active Directory Users

If you pass the limit of licensed Active Directory Users, there will be a threshold of 10 Users. if you pass this limit, SCOOSP will switch to Trial/Test Version until you enter the new License Key.

You need to buy the next Version of SCOOSP, but only have to pay the difference. Send an Email to licensing@scoosp.com

Support and Software Maintenance

If you buy a SCOOSP License you get 1 Year of Software Maintenance and Support for free.

At the initial ordering process, you need to activate the Subscription. After 1 Year, you need to continue this Subscription, the costs will be 20% of the initial License cost per year beginning with the start of the second year.

If you cancel the Subscription, you can continue to use SCOOSP, but you will not be able to get support or new Versions of SCOOSP. Also the access to the Download Area will be disabled.

Questions? Contact us: licensing@scoosp.com

How is the Trial/Test Version limited

You can download and try SCOOSP for free here, but there are some limitations.

The Trial/Test Version of SCOOSP is limited with the following:

  • Limited to just 2 Service Requests
  • No free Service Icons from SCOOSP
  • No free Runbooks from SCOOSP
  • Limited to one Administrator User
  • After 30 Days, you will not be able to start any Service


If you like to enhance your SCOOSP Trial/Test Version, visit our Site


How to license SCOOSP correctly

It is very simple to license SCOOSP. There are simple steps to get the correct License.

User Count

We are providing 4 License Types


  • Starter, up to 999 Active Directory Users
  • Rookie, up to 4999 Active Directory Users
  • Pro, up to 9999 Active Directory Users
  • MVP, unlimited Active Directory Users

We are counting all active, Active Directory Users in your environment.

To get the correct number, please install SCOOSP Trial and navigate to the Admin Area.


Each License Type is providing the same Featureset, so all Functions are available, regardless which Version you buy.

There is only one Thing, the MVP License is more capable than the others, it’s the Multi Domain Support.

How to get the correct Domain Search Root

The Key Property for SCOOSP licensing is the correct Domain Search Root or the Distinguished Name of your Active directory Environment.

There are multiple ways to get this property.

Query it with PowerShell

The easiest way is to get it with PowerShell, run this Command

“Get-ADDomain | select DistinguishedName”

Get it by Active directory Console.

Make sure the Advanced Features are select

Afterwards do a right click in your domain name and select Properties

Take a look at the distinguishedName Property at the Attribute Tab