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Upgrade SCOOSP Version 2.X

This Article will describes, how to upgrade the SCOOSP Version 2.x to a newer Release.

!! NOTE: Please test the new Version on a non productive Environment and make sure that all functions working as expected before upgrading your production environment!!


  1. Stop “World Wide Web Publishing Service”
  2. Backup your “web.config” File from your SCOOSP root Folder
  3. Backup your SQL Database
  4. Backup your License Folder
  5. If you made some design changes, please also back up the “Content/Custom” dir
  6. Navigate to “C:\inetpub\wwwroot” or your SCOOSP root folder and delete all Files and Folders
  7. Now copy the Content of your downloaded SCOOSP Zip to this Destination.
  8. Copy your saved “web.config” and your “Content” folder into the root Folder and overwrite the existing files.
  9. Now start your “World Wide Web Publishing Service” and test SCOOSP