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No Runbooks Found Or Error At Orchestrator WebService (5×00003)

Sometime it happens that the Runbook Query list will be empty at the Service Configuration.

The most common reason for this is a misconfigured service user.

Follow Steps to solve this

  1. Make sure you configured your IIS Application Pool like described here:
  2. Open Internet Explorer with the configured Service User and try to open the following URLhttp://SCOServer:81/Orchestrator2012/orchestrator.svc/Runbooks
    ** Change Servername **
  3. Add your SCOOSP Application Pool User in Runbook Designer with Full Access on top Level
    • Open Runbook Designer and do a right click on Runbooks and select Permissions
    • Add your Service Account with full Access

If this page is not showing any Runbooks, your Service User has not enough rights, you need to solve this before.