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au2mator – Self Service Portal Roadmap

Here is a short Timeline what will happen to au2mator – Self Service Portal the next weeks or month.

Please note, this list is not a copy of your internal Timeline, but it should give you an idea what will happen next.

If you miss something, let us know: Feature Request


So, this List is suspected to change, no guarantee.

What will come next:

  • Performance Improvements
  • smaller Features
  • Bug Fixes

Near Future:

  • Asset Management
  • PowerShell Scripts for Automation
  • Multi Steps in Service
  • Different Activities
  • Incident Management


  • Team Option Ordering
  • A dedicated admin site for all Settings, no web. Config
  • Question Types for SCCM and SCDPM Data
  • API
  • A lot more

Last Update: 28.08.2019